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Supplementary Income Payments

To all Foreign Nationals Living in Japan

The Japanese Government is planning to provide the Supplementary Income Payments. Please read the file attached above for further information.

Supplementary Income Payments

International Cooperation through not-sent postcards

The HIEA is helping the "World Terakoya Movement" of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientifid and Cultural Organization) collecting not-sent postcards.

Your not-sent postcard will turn into 7 pecils in Nepal, 1 notebook and 2 pens in Afghanistan and 4 meals in India.

Don't you have any postcards that you forgot to send or that you didn't send because you wrote something wrong on it? As long as it doesn't have a postmark and it's government-manufacture, anything is OK.

You can find collecting boxes at the information desk of the City Hall and also on the first floor of the City Library.

We appreciate your cooperation.


Help Line

Hashima City's Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) is available for discussion and support in both English and Japanese. We are able to help introduce you to international exchange related organisations and individuals. Translation and interpretation assistance is also available.


theThe following pamphlets and publications are available from the HIEA office.

*Guidebook for Life in Hashima (Japanese/English version)

*Guidebook for Life in Hashima (Japanese/Chinese version)

*Homestay Manual (Japanese)

*Public Amenities Map (Japanese/English version)

*Hashima Sightseeing Map (English)

*Public Pamphlets from other international associations within the prefecture are also located in the lobby area of the 2nd floor of Hashima City Hall. Please help yourself to these.

Join the HIEA

We are currently recruiting new members!
Membership period: 1st April - 31st of the following year
* Membership for members who join part-way through a year is from the day of joining unitl March 31st.

The Hashima City International Exchange Association welcomes members of all nationalities. If you are a foreign resident in Japan for the purpose of work or study then you can become a member for free!

Special member - free!
Individual member -2,000 yen per year
Student member - 1,000 per year

*A special member is a foreigner residing in Japan for the purpose of work or study.

Membership Benefits

1. HIEA newsletter and other information regarding events, lectures, etc.
2. Discounted admission to HIEA sponsored events and pre-sale of event tickets.
3. Membership card

Please contact the HIEA to become a member

Let's Join Hands (Newsletter)

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CIR articles


Hashima City Official Page (Japanese)

Gifu Prefecture International Affairs Division(Japanese)

kakamigahara International Association (Japanese)

Minokamo International Exchange Association (Japanese)

Centro Multicultural de Kani (Portuguese)

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